iVet Brands

Coldwater Culinary™

From the oceans of the Pacific Northwest, through the streams of the Rocky Mountains, to the plains of America’s heartland, Coldwater Culinary™ has one goal in mind; to provide the highest quality of nutrition to your pet. By using a holistic blend of ingredients from America’s wonderful bounty and cooking our recipes in our company-owned facilities based in the heartland, Coldwater Culinary™ provides your pet the nutrition they deserve and desire. Our Grain Free Salmon and Potato Recipe will not only provide your dog with the taste they love, but also help improve digestibility and eliminate possible ingredient intolerances by removing grains and using one major source of protein, salmon.

• Real coldwater salmon #1 ingredient
• Gluten & grain free to help manage ingredient sensitivities
• Allergen Friendly (No Wheat or Soy)
• Powerful antioxidant blend from natural sources of fruits and vegetables
• Enhanced with Previda®, a research backed prebiotic, to assist in digestion and immune response

Healthy Gourmet™

Designed to help your veterinarian maintain health and wellness for your dog or cat, iVet® Healthy Gourmet™ is manufactured to meet the nutritional needs of your pet while avoiding animal by-products and major allergens. iVet Healthy Gourmet also provides enhanced levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and enhanced antioxidants. You will find a formula that supports your pet’s life stage in the Healthy Gourmet line of iVet Professional Formulas.

• Full Life-Stage Line (Feline and Canine)
• No Animal By-Products
• Highly Digestible Ingredients like Rice, Oatmeal, and Pearled Barley.
• Allergen Friendly (No Wheat or Soy)
• Corn Free Options
• Guaranteed High Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
• Enhanced Antioxidant Formulation
• Feline Urinary Protection (Low Magnesium)
• Feline Hairball Maintenance (Intricate blend of Fibers)


Designed to help your veterinarian maintain health and wellness for your adult dog, iVet VetBasics™ is manufactured to be a cost effective option and does not include by-product meal and major allergens. VetBasics includes guaranteed levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, L-Carnitine for lean muscle mass and prebiotic for improved digestibility. You will find a cost effective formula designed to support your adult dog in the VetBasics line of iVet Professional Formulas.

• Value Focused Canine Formulas
• No Animal By-Products
• Enhanced Omega-3 Fatty Acids
• Added L-Carnitine (Helps Convert Fat into Muscle)
• Prebiotics (Improved Gastrointestinal Health)
• Enhanced Antioxidant Formulation


SPECIFIC™ is a complete premium product range with life stage diets for healthy dogs and cats and therapeutic diets for management of clinical conditions providing precise nutritional solutions throughout their life.

More than 30 years experience with pet nutrition, veterinarians, vet nurses and veterinary schools has given us a knowledge and expertise about the optimal nutritional requirements for dogs and cats. We constantly seek to expand this knowledge for the benefit of the animals and veterinary clinics. SPECIFIC™ diets have been sold exclusively through veterinarians since 1988.