Founded in 2002, iVet Professional Formulas was created by a partnership of prominent independent veterinarians and a premium specialty pet food manufacturer. While veterinarians are often seen as the nutrition expert for your pet, they have not had the tools to ensure this advice is followed. Typically, veterinarians are required by other food manufacturers to sell at inflated prices or substandard formulas which creates a disconnect between the pet owner and professional. iVet has changed that. iVet’s founding principles are 1) Veterinary Exclusive Quality 2) High Quality, Holistic Ingredients and 3) Fair Pricing. Our company owned manufacturing allows us to control our products from start to finish. Our manufacturing campus, located in America’s Heartland, includes numerous plants, which all maintain a “Superior” certification by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and contains an extensive laboratory to ensure consistent quality in manufacturing.

iVet Professional Formulas consists of our two wellness lines, Healthy Gourmet and VetBasics, which maintain health throughout the lives of cats and dogs. In 2011, iVet launched a therapeutic line of pet food called SPECIFIC. SPECIFIC has existed for numerous years in Europe and through our partnership with Dechra Pharmaceuticals, iVet is using the many years of research and history to manufacture and sell these formulas here in the United States.

Veterinary Exclusive Quality

Many pet food brands today are solely focused on marketing in order to meet objectives demanded by the large box pet retailers and grocery chains. By putting marketing ahead of science and nutrition, your pet’s nutritional needs are sacrificed or you end up paying more for benefits that do not contribute to your pets overall health and wellness. iVet Professional Formulas are sold exclusively to veterinarians to ensure the primary focus is on your pet’s nutritional needs. iVet Professional Formulas also forms the cornerstone of your veterinarians overall health and wellness program, which is extremely important in providing a long and healthy life for your best friend and companion.

High Quality Ingredients

The choice of ingredients is one of the most critical factors in the quality of a pet’s diet. At iVet we are focused on ingredients that can actually make an impact on your pet’s overall health as it relates to nutrition. In today’s cyber environment, there is a tremendous amount of misinformation related to ingredients in pet food. Sometimes that information is understated and sometimes overstated. The problem being many brands today are either focused too much on cost control and thus sacrifice quality or overstate the value of other ingredients which can lead to ultra-expensive prices with little to no nutrition improvement. At iVet, our choice of ingredients focuses on core attributes such as increased digestibility, high levels of nutrients such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and controlled levels of micro-nutrients such as calcium, sodium, etc. We also have excluded many problem ingredients often associated with various conditions such as allergies and digestive upset.

While the choice of ingredients used is very important, just as important is the monitoring and oversight of the ingredients introduced into our manufacturing process. Our company owned manufacturing allows us to monitor ingredients from start to finish ensuring these ingredients are safe and meeting or exceeding established specifications. Our on-site laboratory contains some of the most extensive equipment used today in the manufacturing of pet food and allows us to do numerous pre and post production tests to ensure quality. Unlike many brands in the market today, iVet has NEVER been part of a FDA product recall. Lastly, we do not import our ingredients. In fact, because of our Midwest location most of our ingredients are sourced within a 200 mile radius of America’s Heartland.

Quality Food at a Fair Price

iVet Professional Formulas offer a caliber of nutrition not available outside your veterinary clinic. While iVet is available only from your veterinarian, the cost of iVet is more reasonable than brands often associated with veterinary hospitals. Our company owned manufacturing, focus on quality ingredients that actually impacts your pet’s health and partnership with independent veterinarians allows us to achieve this value not typically seen in other veterinary pet foods.